Who is that Man Holding Miss Fame’s Hand on the Marco Marco Runway?

Alex Powers   September 16, 2015  
MIss Fame CROP walks Marco Marco NYC Runway with Mystery Man by Thomas Graf rupauls drag race

Image credit: Thomas Graf

Looks like Somebody Done Already had Herses!

According to World of Wonder and other media, the gentleman chivalrously holding Miss Fame’s hand in the picture above did not belong on the runway! The shot is from Marco Marco’s runway show, part of New York Fashion Week 2015. Miss Fame, however, played it off like a true pro and many in the audience – both in-person and through social media postings – did not have a clue that anything was amiss.

Fame’s RuPaul’s Drag Race sister, Courtney Act, took to Reddit to clarify and to give a slight read!

“That guy was not supposed to go on stage. He’s a makeup artist from Style Fashion Week who thought it would be fun to totally ruin the show by walking on stage with Fame (and Fame was too polite to push him off). Everyone was so pissed off, I hope he is no longer employed by them.” — Courtney Act on Reddit

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Here is full video of Miss Fame’s walk with “the mustache guy in the white tank.”


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