Did you See the Dragqueens SLAY on the MTV VMAs?

Deborah Nelson   August 31, 2015  

MTV VMAs SQUARE 2015 dragqueens haus of edwards laganja estranja alyssa edwards shangela rupauls drag raceFor me the VMA’s is an awards show about a lot of music I don’t listen to. So I usually don’t tune in. But this year I knew something BIG was happening at the end of the show. As is BIG HAIR!

Yessss gawd the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, plus a few local L.A. queens were invited by the show’s hostess herself, Miley Cyrus, to help turn and I mean really TURN the party this year!

Over 30 queens dressed in rainbow day glo were booked for the gig. I have a feeling it started out small and the numbers just grew and grew.

Laganja Estranja, Alyssa Edwards, Shangela and Miley Cyrus Tear it UP at the VMAs!

Of course the show featured a spotlight appearance by the fearsome threesome – the Haus of Edwards. This should come as no surprise to any true Drag Race fan. Not only did Miley post an Instagram video of herself learning Haus of Edwards choreography a few weeks ago, but she has since posted pics wearing a choker given to her by Laganja Estranja. The two had struck up a friendship back at the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 reunion.

When the time came to teach the choreography for the VMAs number guess who was put in charge? Laganja, miss MJ herself! With, I suspect, plenty of support from her dancing relatives mom Alyssa Edwards and sis Shangela. They are three of the fiercest dancing queens around and I know I would want them to teach choreography for me, yess gawd!

Also featured were Laganja’s #TeamTooMuch sis Gia Gunn, and another Season 6 gal Vivavious – who knows how to Werk. It. Hunny! The final spotlight position went to fierce and beautful regning queen Violet Chachki. All of the queens are gorgeous ladies who know how to move.

I have mixed feelings about drag going so mainstream but I’m happy for ALL of the girls who got the chance to experience being part of this wonderful opportunity.

Deborah Nelson
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